Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A day without music

I totally feel for and sympathize with anyone who has to spend any time without their stereo. Some people who call or write and have problems with their THIELs are totally cool and say things like, "yeah, it happens", "no sweat", and even "take your time, no hurry". Others are downright frantic. I can envision them sweating or breaking out into hives the moment they realize they're going to be without their stereo (read: their music) for a few days. I can still hear their shortness of breath as they fight back the tears while resigning themselves to sending a driver in for service. Ugh!

I have been fortunate enough to only miss my stereo when I'm traveling as opposed to having any service troubles, knock on wood. But, right after I returned from Christmas holiday, I found that someone had pilfered the detachable face plate from my car stereo CD receiver. This was probably the 3rd time it had ever been detached. It wasn't a terribly expensive unit, a couple hundred bucks. I drive a crappy car, but it does have a pretty decent stereo in it. It's no ghetto cruiser, but it sounds nice, and it sure beats the pants of the factory unit.

Since I drive a crappy car that will probably be replaced soon (I hope!), I decided I would just tough it out. I didn't need to spend another hundred or two hundred bucks on a deck. I could do without. After all, I have an 8 mile daily commute (total!), and we take Jennifer's car most of the time when we go elsewhere. I can deal...yeah sure. I've had worse.

The last 3 months have been excruciating! Holy $#!+ I can't believe how masochistic and cheap I've been by depriving myself of a radio in the car for a whole quarter. Driving had lost it's fun, I quit hearing of new bands from college radio, lost track of the concert schedule, lost my humor, lost 30 pounds, and became a zombie. The last 2 aren't true, though I appreciate your concern.

A week ago, my soul mate and ever wise Jennifer suggested I search eBay for a new face plate since new ones are prohibitively expensive. Lo and behold, Buy It Now for $20 bucks! A used faceplate beckons. It's mine! It showed up today at the office.

I only realized the full magnitude of my 3 month despair today when I understood my elation when Rob brought me the face plate after lunch. I ran in a circle around Lana's desk shaking it above my head like a little kid with a Ninja Turtle. It absolutely made my day.

I lack the vocabulary to express the ecstasy that rushed over me the moment I heard the faint rush of FM noise coming through my car stereo for the first time since 2006. The color came back to my face, I laughed, returned from the un-dead, and got my 30 pounds back!

I feel your pain! I know what it's like to be without your music. I promise that we'll do everything possible to get your speakers back in service as quickly as possible.

Your gleeful little kid with a Ninja Turtle,



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