Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Old THIEL SS2 Hits Rock Bottom

We've got an old SS2 here from the "early days" that we keep strapped face down to a cart so that we can have a convenient test cabinet for amplifiers that come back for service. We've rigged it up with clamps to make exchanging amps a breeze, so the whole cart + subwoofer assembly is a convenient test rig for amps.

Jim instructed Rob to run a particular amp HARD - an instruction Rob was too happy to comply with. So he pressed play, let the sub's massive output rattle everything in this bay of the plant and went to lunch. Pleased that he heard the sub still playing when he came back from lunch, Rob walked over to measure the temperature of the amp. Before he got there, "CRASH!....thud thud thud thud"

The SS2 was playing so hard, it shook the very heavy duty straps off the cabinet, the sub hit the floor back first driving the clamps to break the back of the sub. An adjacent edge broke open, and the grille mesh ripped out of the front. After years of service, our SS2 test cab is toast.


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