Friday, October 31, 2008

Showing some respect for CS1.5 woofers

One of the most heartbreaking phone calls I (thankfully seldom) have to make goes like this:
"Hi, it's Gary from THIEL. Just calling to let you know we received your parts."

Customer says, " Great, that was fast, what did you find wrong?"

"Well, your drivers were more or less wrecked. I can't tell if they played pin ball or demolition derby on the FedEx truck en route here. The combination of sparse styrofoam peanuts and ill-placed bubble wrap provided little in the way of protection. Oh, and the shoe box you packed everything in fell apart in the rain storm we had yesterday. The only reason they got here to begin with is that you strategically placed a strip of packing tape over our address."

"Oh, so could you tell what was causing them to buzz? Is it under warranty?"

*nearly choking* "Are you kidding??"

Unfortunately, this extreme is far more common than the opposite extreme. Allow me to share an example of the opposite extreme with you. Dear customer Arthur warmed my heart this week by packing his CS1.5s in such a way that made freight damage all but impossible. I was so tickled to receive his package that I almost giggled like a school girl. This man KNOWS how to package his drivers. Pictures are worth 1000 words. Behold:

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Anonymous Gregory said...

LoL.. mount that plywood blade on the radial saw and zingo. The top cover could have been made out of 1/4" luan plywood.

My 3.x woofers made it to Lexington ok, and came back in fine working order with the cones face-down on plywood bottoms in separate Thiel boxes, with the other five drivers packed likewise, and all nested in a larger shipping box.

2:56 AM  

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