Friday, March 18, 2011

THIEL and SOAF ('Significant Other' Acceptance Factor) Guest blog from Rob Gillum -

I have found that the SOAF can sometimes play an important role in the audiophile world. From my years of experience in manufacturing high-end audio loudspeakers and performing service repairs, the vast majority of my clients have been male, and in no way do I mean disrespect to females who also buy and enjoy high performance audio. An important factor when purchasing a premium audio product for most consumers is that it fits into their home decor. Many men and women alike have fallen in love with a particular high-end product, only to find out their SO (significant other) doesn't feel that the product is attractive in their home. So, the product ends up in the basement or an auxiliary room with poor sonic qualities and possibly even back to the store!

We here at THIEL have been working for 35 years designing beautiful speakers that will meet the challenges of the SOAF. We are pleased and proud to provide you with many finish choices from wood veneers to grille fabrics. Did you know that THIEL can build your favorite Classic collection model with your choice of real hardwood veneer and grille fabric? We can manufacture your speaker with virtually any wood veneer on the face of the earth. If we do not stock the finish of your choice, we can obtain it. Not only doe this allow you to select your veneer, but we can also stain or paint the speaker cabinet to match any existing furniture or decor of your choosing. If that's not enough variety, we also offer six colors of grille fabric to match your upholstery, carpet, drapes and/or anything else in your home. Grille fabric colors include black, white, gray, cream, beige or brown.With the endless combination of possibilities, we are sure to be able to complement any home interior.

There is an up-charge for custom finishes and colored grille fabrics, so please check with your THIEL dealer or give us a call, and we will be glad to discuss pricing and special finishes with you personally. The next time you fall in love with a THIEL loudspeaker, know that you don't have to let the SOAF keep you from placing the speakers in the room of your choice and theirs as well.

Robin Gillum
Director of Manufacturing, THIEL Audio

Rob has been with THIEL 23 years and the following is his THIEL mission statement:

"Over the years, audiophiles and music lovers from around the world have come to expect a high level of quality from THIEL. With that always in mind, my goal here at THIEL is to consistently produce a product that exceeds our customers' expectations."

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Anonymous Denise Fuson said...

Nice to read a post from just one of THIEL's "best kept secrets". I know from experience that Rob's mission statement is one that could be attributed to every member of the THIEL family.

7:24 PM  

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