Monday, May 09, 2011

Awake at Night

Guest Blog from Ken Dawkins - THIEL North America Sales Vice President

What keeps THIEL staff awake at night? Bad sound (sirens, barking dogs, thunder claps) and scratching our heads over how to better serve our customers.

THIEL has thousands of customers, pretty much in two piles: wonderful end users and hardworking dealers/distributors. There is one important benefit we provide with every THIEL speaker: a full 10-year, transferable warranty. I cannot come up with another high performance loudspeaker line with such coverage on their product. Can you? We think our customers are best served by continuing to offer such a warranty.

The attention to detail, build quality and superb customer service that Jim Thiel and Kathy Gornik established as our company culture 35 years ago enables THIEL to offer this piece of mind. Now more than ever I think it is important to sing the refrain, wave the flag and flash the lights about our warranty. This 10-year, transferable warranty is valid through THIEL authorized dealers only, whether it is the initial purchase or a used purchase down the road. This authorized dealer requirement is to protect you and our loyal dealer base. Of course the warranty is meant to cover defects in materials and workmanship only, not abuse or misuse. More warranty coverage info can be found elsewhere on our website

THIEL speakers are an investment. We hope you will choose our speakers first because they sound and look so special. But we are just fine if another reason to choose THIEL is that we protect your investment with a 10-year transferable warranty. And whether you choose new THIEL speakers or decide on a previously loved set, be sure to contact and consult with an authorized THIEL dealer. There are over 100 of them in the US (with distributors in 33 countries around the world!) and they come in all shapes and sizes. Start at under “where to buy”.

What keeps you up at night? If its good sound it must be your THIEL system. The comfort of knowing your investment is protected will let you sleep soundly when the listening is over.


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