Thursday, July 05, 2007

The life of tweeters as toys

As my wife and I prepare for our 2nd prenatal doctor visit, an e-mail from yet another THIEL owner with children has compelled me to ponder the joys of fatherhood and the delight I'll take in sharing my favorite music with our new, lovely child.

The author of the aforementioned message, is but one of many fathers who's bright, curious children take a keen interest in high performance audio by exercising their sense of touch. I'm sure this young prodigy learned a great deal about the construction (or destruction) of high frequency drivers when he, with his smiling face, wide eyes, and outstretched arms, reached high for the top of Dad's finely finished, classic CS2.2s, and pushed hard upon the thin, shiny tweeter dome. He most certainly learned that though lesser drivers may crumple just the same, none can produce the satisfying, easily audible 'crunch' that ours can. Surely the feel and crunch imparted in him a sense of quality that he'll carry forth throughout his life. Perhaps the memory will remain strong enough that he'll cry a single tear of pride when his child crushes his first THIEL tweeter.

I will resist the temptation to move my THIEL speakers into a far away, locked basement guarded by baby gates and child proof doorknob locks. Our baby will be encouraged to learn and be curious, and will learn the virtue of sharing by our own example! Our baby will also enjoy the gift of music reproduced through a fine quality system. My hope is that our newest family member doesn't inflict too much damage so I can minimize our expense. Somehow, I don't see THIEL accepting diaper coupons for driver rebuilds.

With spare tweeters in waiting,